Sunday, January 17, 2010

Thursday, January 14, 2010

A Message From Mark Stuart in Jacmel Haiti- Conduit We Have Our Marching Orders..

I emailed Mark Stuart to find out if we can actually get a ship docked in Jacmel. We've been working to get NGO's to focus on Jacmel Haiti.

This is Marks' response.

yes. I met with the mayor tonight. The port can be used, cruise ships can come in there. We need help bad here is the city. What kind of supplies are on the boat? How fast can they get here? We are starting to feel people get frustrated and scared and that usually predicates looting and riots as you know. Also...we are donating money to the city of jacmel. The mayor said we were the only ones that have helped at all. Its crazy...I told him we could give 10k tomorrow and he almost cried. He is doing everything himself on his credit card. The mayor has the infrastructure and connections to get major things done if we can help rent equipment and buy food/supplies . But the city has no money. There are big machines here just sitting because the money is gone. If your organization can raise money for jacmel we can get it to best people to help the most pressing needs. There are dead bodies in the rubble and maybe one small front loader doing everything. Sad.

We know what we need to raise money for. Conduit Nation we need your help. 100% of the money you're sending is going to Jacmel Haiti. Please prayerfully consider donating.


A very special thanks to Jay Sekulow and everyone at ACLJ for allowing us to tell the story of what’s going on in Jacmel Haiti. Mr Sekulow is devoting the entirety of his programming for the next few days to telling the story of what’s going on in Haiti. We can’t thank him enough for letting his show programming being interrupted in order to let the voices of the Haitian people to be heard.

Help Haiti! Text ACLJ to 50555 to give $5. 100% of your donation will go to our 3 partners! Hands & Feet Project (orphanage), Conduit Mission (building Churches), and Op. Blessing (medical relief)

Report from Jacmel Haiti

We’ve been given word that there has been no loss of life in the Restoration Ministries Church in Jacmel Haiti. So grateful and joyful for that news.

Restoration Ministries church properties are all still standing. There has been damage to the Restore Center in downtown Jacmel but it’s still standing.

We have urgent need of getting supplies to Jacmel. It is a coastal town, south of Port Au Prince and the road between the two has been cut off. The airport, which is a landing strip with a small building on it, has been turned into a refugee camp. Our main option is to find organizations who can bring their supplies to a port on the southern coast. If anyone reading this has connections that can help us. Please email me at

The water is down, the food supply is very limited, the hospital is down, medical supplies limited. Port Au Prince is such an overwhelming problem and very little attention has been brought to the towns and cities to the south.
We’re continuing to gather resources and finances. you can donate by clicking on the “donate now” button on our site.
100% of the moneys coming in are going to this very urgent crisis.

Sending money old school

If you want to send donations by check please make them payable to Conduit Mission and mail to

Conduit Mission
256 Seaboard Lane C-103
Franklin, TN 37067

As always you can send donations online by clicking the donate now button.
We’re at over $10,000 raised. Thank you so much to everyone for all the help in not only donating but in spreading the word.
100% of the revenues coming in will continue to be sent directly to our partners on the ground in Haiti.

Another update from on the ground in Haiti

This is from Renee who is a missionary at the Hands and Feet Project in Jacmel
“right now I don’t know when we can get out. I think in few days we will be able to do it. Its really bad. The whole country is cut off from PAP and its supply line. We bought about 100 gallons of diesel this morning and the kids are sitting in the yard still. The tremors are still on and off and it really gives you a sick feeling like the world is coming to an end. CRAZY. I do think I’ll make it back by next week, but keep Jamie and Leslie on call. They’re awesome. Hey guys….The airport is closed except for aid coming in. I’m not sure when I’ll be able to get out of here. I’m glad that I was here so that we can help. The kids at this point….aren’t that scared. Many of them are having fun with it. Its been like a big camp out. The adults are a little frazzled to say the least. I hope to get out some time next week.”
thanks everyone for your prayers and donations. God is on the move.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Update from on the ground in Haiti

I was just forwarded this email from our friends Mark and Aegis Stuart. Mark and Aegis are in Jacmel Haiti at the ministry they founded

Restoration Ministries is in the same town, Jacmel. It's about 15 minutes away. We still don't have official word on the status of our structures. We continue to raise funds knowing that there is an immediate and urgent need. If you feel led to give you can go to we're wiring our first round of cash this afternoon. Pastor Lafluer is enroute and once he's on the ground I want him to have immediate access to financial resources.

Please pray. And please give.

Here is the email..
Hi everyone....
Our internet is working finally. So I'm sending this to a few of you....
Everyone here is ok, but we are all very scared. The buildings held up great, but there are several houses right around us that have collapsed. Also, Hotel Cyvadier had major damage, while the brand new three story "peace of mind" hotel was demolished. Francine, one of our teenage nannies was in afternoon school and escaped while the building was collapsing around her because she was sitting by the door...however many of her classmates died yesterday. Many houses and and buildings have collapsed in Jacmel including the hospital. I know most of the news there is coming from PAP, but there is substantial loss of life here on the south coast. We need prayer for wisdom and strength. Its very chaotic here. We were able to buy diesel this morning and hopefully get more propane for cooking tomorrow. Last night was crazy...slept on the dirt in the center of the village...away from the buildings. Tonight we may venture back indoors, but that is yet to be decided. We go in and out to get necessities. The Haitian people are numb and sad to say very used to death, but this has created what seems to be a hypnotic state. I've never been in a situation were you feel SO helpless, fearful, and small. The tremors are coming again as i type this. Whoa!!!
-- everyone
mark stuart

With a heavy heart,

PS- If the Lord is leading you to give to Hands and Feet Project you can do that at